We love our patients, and they love us too! Here you will discover why our patients love visiting our friendly dentist, Dr. Falduto. To schedule your own appointment with Dr. Falduto, we invite you to contact our dental office in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.

Here are some of our customer’s reviews:

Most of my years going to the dentist have been more than an unpleasant experience. In fact after being traumatized by my last dentist I finally met Dr. Falduto. That was about 10 years ago. Dr. Falduto’s calming and oh so pleasant demeanor had made such an impression on me that whenever there was more work to be done, I would proceed without any concerns. I have had much work done…implants, root canal…to mention a few…was always pain free and anxiety free. I cannot imagine any other dentist that could compare. (Daphna P.)

What can you say about a dentist that is so caring and kind? A whole lot!! When I moved to Lincoln Park, I wasn’t sure about which dentist to choose. A lady who became my friend recommended her dentist and it was Dr. Falduto. After the first visit, I knew I found a winner!! He is awesome in every sense of the word and so is the staff! They are fun and make a visit to the dentist one of the most enjoyable and relaxing times I have ever had!! So, take it from me you would make NO MISTAKE by making a visit and letting them be the ones to assist you in your dental needs. I wouldn’t change for anything in the world!! (Janet C.)

My husband and I are amazed at the care that is given by Dr. Falduto to make sure that everything is perfect. We are so glad that we have put our trust in Dr. Falduto…he has a wonderful team in his office. It is a comfortable place to be. He has all of the most updated equipment. We are extremely happy and would recommend him to anyone. (Patty O.)

28 Years! Dr. Falduto and staff have been like a second family to me and my husband. Professional and caring, he is a top-notch dentist. We travel 60 miles round-trip and he is the best. (Mickey Z.)

Dr. Falduto’s professionalism & knowledge in his field are just two of the many reasons I have been a patient for the past 220 years. Dr. Falduto, as well as his loyal staff, go above and beyond to help make patients feel comfortable and welcomed during their visit. I recommend Dr. Falduto to all my friends. Congratulations on 25 years!! (Susan B.)