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Aside from getting braces, there is another widely-accepted rite of passage for teenagers these days. Wisdom teeth removal is something that almost everyone needs at some point in their life, and there are always tons of funny videos of people waking up after the procedure.

But aside from knowing that you’re bound to say something embarrassing on camera after your procedure, what else do you need to know about wisdom teeth removal? Well, there’s a bit more to it than you might expect. Let’s take a look.

Not everyone needs it
The first thing to know is that not everyone will need to visit Dr. Jeffrey Falduto for this type of oral surgery. Some people get lucky, and their wisdom teeth come in without becoming impacted or causing other teeth to become crowded. You’ll know if you need your wisdom teeth removed from regular exams with either your dentist or with your orthodontist.

It’s not as painful as it’s made out to be
A good thing about wisdom teeth removal is that it’s far from the painful experience it’s made out to be on social media. There is some discomfort after the surgery, but you’ll be prescribed pain meds to help handle that. As long as you take the medications and follow our dentist’s directions for post-op care, you won’t have too bad of a time with it.

You need to clean post-op
After your wisdom teeth are removed, you need to make sure to be vigilant about cleaning your teeth and mouth. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing dry socket – a nasty infection that is painful.

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